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Veterans Manufacturing Opportunity



 • Recently discharged from the Military?
• Unemployed? •

• Looking for a long-term career?

Find the Right Job. Right Now.

Veteran’s Rapid    Employment Initiative 

CuringAccelerated 2-week program opens doors to 
Careers in Manufacturing ……. at no cost to you!
  • Meet employers looking to hire
  • Talk with veterans – already employed
  • Spend time with potential employers
  • Update your resume with MOS and actual experience
  • Provide focus for Illinois Veterans/G.I. Bill post secondary education
  • Must be recently discharged from the military
Starts soon 
Contact us today to register!
Pepper Curington, Retired Air Force


A special program for Veterans interested in Manufacturing Careers. Sponsored by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Administered by Business and Career Services, Inc.  

Participating Partners include Business and Career Services, Inc. Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, Illinois Department of Employment Security, Heroes2 Hired, Medusa Consulting Group, Society of Manufacturing Engineers.